The difference between winning and losing is often a matter of a few degrees, a few seconds, a few inches, or a few reps. Sprinters train for years to try to shave off a mere fraction of a second from their PR. Gymnasts just need a few more pounds of force to achieve the perfect landing. This is the story of all sports. Athletes need to address all aspects of their game in order to reach their potential. They have to work on their physical, mental, technical, and tactical aspects of their sport. A BKEI practitioner will address your physical and mental components. These consist of your biological systems (nutrition, chemistry, organ health, hormonal status, etc), your kinetics (structural alignment and movement patterns), and energy state (consciousness, thoughts, brain waves, beliefs, emotions, etc). On game day, if you arrive with just a little less energy, a few degrees out of alignment, or without a 100% focused mindset, you will not achieve your personal best. With BKEI, we seek to scientifically optimize these three aspects of the athlete. When you do, amazing things happen.