Congratulations to BKE athlete Nicole Ninomiya for qualifying for the 2017 Crossfit Regionals! Nicole blew away her goals and finished 37th individually and 13th with her team. After missing the regional qualifications last year by one point, she totally refocused on 2017 with single minded determination. She drove for hours to team workouts, pushed her body to its limits, and had regular BKE sessions to stay healthy. Her BKE tune ups included soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, spinal alignment, meridian energy balancing, Gua Sha, nutritional testing, and kinetic chain training. She was able to overcome back pain, knee pain, migraine headaches and more to reach a peak state. Best of luck to Nicole and her team in Albany in May at the Crossfit Regionals!

“Thank you Dave for helping me get through the Crossfit 2017 Open. I’m pretty sure my body would have crumbled if it weren’t for you. BKE is awesome stuff! Thanks so much!” -Nicole N