‌BKE athlete Carolyn McDonough suffered from exercise induced asthma as a child. With the help of BKE balancing and nutritional optimizing, she was able to overcome the condition and conquer an amazing feat – riding her bike across the country! A 4000 mile ride for charity from Cali to Maine, sleeping on church floors, eating peanut butter and bananas, and building homes for those in need along the way. What an amazing accomplishment! After some rest and an intestinal detox, Carolyn is back to school at Lafayette University, where she was the MVP of her crew team her freshman year. And oh yeah, in her spare time she does triathalons lol. She always makes it a priority to come in and get balanced with BKE Integration before her athletic endeavors. Best of luck this year captaining the Lafayette crew team!

“Thanks Dave for keeping me healthy! You have helped me stay aligned throughout my strenuous seasons of rowing, competing in triathlons, and biking across the country. I am very thankful for your help and keeping me strong so I can perform at my top performance as a competitive athlete!”

– Carolyn McDonough, Dad Vails 3rd Place Medalist in May 2015 and May 2016. Mid-Atlantic Rowing Championship: 1st place 2016 for women’s varsity 4. Women’s MVP 2015, President of the Lafayette women’s team in 2016.