The forces that control the body are often hidden. Things are sometimes not what they appear. The key to lasting results is to learn the body’s pattern of cause and effect and address it at its core.
Looking at this before pic, the pelvis is out of alignment and needs to be fixed in order to straighten the lumbar back. However, the question is how do you fix it. In this case, working on the pelvis itself won’t do it. BKE testing revealed that this athlete’s cranium was out of alignment. There is a law called the Lovett Reactor (swipe left) which states that the vertebrae at the top of the spine has a relation to the vertebrae at bottom (including the cranium and pelvis). If it is out of alignment at the top, the corresponding vertebrae at the bottom will also move out of alignment in the opposite direction. In order to fix one, you have to fix both or else the one that is out will drive the one that is in alignment out again.
After working on this athlete’s cranial alignment (swipe left), his pelvis automatically came back into alignment as well as his lumbar spine.
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