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What is health?


The state of your health can be thought of as existing on a sliding scale, which we at HPI call the Health Continuum. When you move up the scale, you become healthier and conversely, when you move down the scale you become less healthy. To be truly healthy means that not only are you free of sickness and disease, but you enjoy a life of higher energy and vitality. In the healthy body there is no room for sickness. Your health will only begin to deteriorate when you descend down the continuum. This happens when you develop a nutritional deficiency (something that should be in your body but is not. For our bodies to operate optimally, we need ideal levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, enzymes, and water. You can survive with less than ideal levels, however your health and energy will not be optimized), a toxicity (something that is in your body but should not be. The main toxins are viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, parasites, heavy metals, and environment chemicals), or an imbalance (body systems are not regulating themselves properly. Typically, this refers to the digestive, hormonal, and immune system). Your body is then not in a state of optimal health and symptoms appear. At first they are minor in severity… more of an annoyance. Then they become chronic and more intense. This leads to more serious symptoms which are more foundational in nature, such as chronic low energy and poor sleep quality. At this point, if the original deficiency, toxicity, or imbalance isn’t corrected, your body will enter a state where sickness and disease will occur. At Meridian, we view sickness and disease as merely symptoms of the deficiencies, toxicities, and imbalances. We don’t “treat” the person for a disease, but rather supply their true needs and focus on creating a state of health. If the original cause still is not taken care of, you will continue to descend down the health continuum, eventually becoming debilitated with death the next thing to follow. Most illnesses can be avoided by accepting and focusing on the theory of Natural Health. So, in this philosophy, sickness, disease, and even death are the result of allowing deficiencies, toxicities, and imbalances to continue over time and progressively weaken the system. Keep your body strong and your health optimal by overcoming deficiencies, eliminating toxicities, and balancing your systems.

Take the following health assessment to determine where you are on the health continuum, what your primary imbalances are, and what you can do to achieve Powerful Health!


The following are considered the foundational symptoms. These are the bigger more serious symptoms that appear after your deficiencies, toxicities, and imbalances have caused a more serious systemic stress on your system. They usually appear after you have experienced the minor symptoms in one or more of the health categories for a sustained period of time.


The two most important symptoms of the foundational symptoms are sleep and energy. These are always the first two questions I ask someone during a consultation. If they are an issue, this means that your imbalances have drained your body’s reserve supply of health and energy and you now have a serious situation.


The stomach is where you begin digestion of proteins. Your stomach ideally will have a very acidic environment because it produces hydrochloric acid (HCL), which is a strong acid. The HCL is assisted by an enzyme called pepsin, also produced in the stomach, to break down proteins into amino acids which are then absorbed in the small intestine.

Continuum of Health