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BKEI is the method.

BioKinetic Energy Integration (BKEI) is a method used to integrate the various aspects of a person’s health by optimizing their biological systems (Biology), structural alignment and movement efficiency (Kinetics), and energetic patterns (Energy). This method was developed by Dave Nogaki from his twenty years of practical experience in natural health and athletic performance training.

The BKEI method was created to bridge the gap between the worlds of fitness training and therapy, and thereby developing a more advanced version of both. It is a process by which the practitioner guides the athlete on a journey through the triad of health (Biology* Kinetics* Energy) towards the final destination of their sports performance goal. It is a new methodology which does not fit in any existing box. The BKEI method can achieve similar results as many various fields of healthcare, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and clinical nutrition. It is not actually any of these professions but rather a hybrid version of many different fields. BKEI has been developed as an evolution of what really works in healthcare and sports performance, without regard to marketing, politics, or cultural influences.


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