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BioKinetic Energy Integration (BKEI) is a method used to integrate the various aspects of a person’s health by optimizing their biological systems (Biology), structural alignment and movement efficiency (Kinetics), and energetic patterns (Energy). This method was developed by Dave Nogaki from his twenty years of practical experience in natural health and athletic performance training.

The BKEI method was created to bridge the gap between the worlds of fitness training and therapy, and thereby developing a more advanced version of both. It is a process by which the practitioner guides the athlete on a journey through the triad of health (Biology* Kinetics* Energy) towards the final destination of their sports performance goal. It is a new methodology which does not fit in any existing box. The BKEI method can achieve similar results as many various fields of healthcare, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and clinical nutrition. It is not actually any of these professions but rather a hybrid version of many different fields. BKEI has been developed as an evolution of what really works in healthcare and sports performance, without regard to marketing, politics, or cultural influences.


BKEI is the method.



Personal training at the highest level of care. Expertise. Science. Motivation.


Cutting edge program addresses your individual metabolic needs to create lasting weight loss…results guaranteed.


Guidance on your path to achieving powerful health. Regain your health, energy, and vitality and never fear sickness and disease again.


High School, College, Amateur, or Professional. Join our many athletes who reach their athletic potential and achieve peak performance with the holistic and scientific approach of the HPI process. From Rehab to Competition.



I am thankful to be able to come home in the offseason and get the best care from Dave and Athlete Engineering. After a few sessions of BKE, I feel amazing! I wish the NFL took this good a care of us but they don’t. I highly recommend athletes of all sports come to see Dave to get to their best.”

– Theo Riddick, running back for the Detroit Lions


“Dave, THANK YOU a billion!!!! I truly can not thank you enough for everything you did for me this summer. I really don’t even think I would have a chance at senior season if it wasn’t for you, your amazing knowledge, and your unmatched skill at what you do. You have been such a blessing” – Sarah Price


Thanks Dave for keeping me healthy! You have helped me stay aligned throughout my strenuous seasons of rowing, competing in triathlons, and biking across the country. I am very thankful for your help and keeping me strong so I can perform at my top performance as a competitive athlete!”

-Carolyn McDonough, Dad Vails 3rd Place Medalist in May 2015 and May 2016. Mid-Atlantic Rowing Championship: 1st place 2016 for women’s varsity 4. Women’s MVP 2015 and was President of the team in 2016.


I thought my high school sports career was over when I had severe knee problems in my sophomore year. I had over 300 physical therapy sessions and my knee situation actually got worse. We heard about Dave from my sports medicine doctor and made an appointment. Dave did a thorough bio-mechanical assessment and explained what he found and how he could fix it. Needless to say we were skeptical but we gave it a shot. In less than two months I was starting football practice and went on to not only play basketball in high school, but live my dream of playing in college. I still play today and rely on Dave to keep me healthy. I recommend anyone with a seemingly unsolvable situation to see Dave and try his BKE method.

Big East Freshman of the Week!

Congrats to BioKinetic athlete Kimberly McDonough for winning Big East Freshman of the week! Averaging 5pts per game against Georgetown and Temple. Kimberly is a great example of focusing on overall athleticism in her developmental years instead of being a one sport athlete. She only started playing lacrosse in the 8th grade and also ran track. A passion for the game, hard work in the weight room, a positive attitude, upbeat energy, and a supportive and loving family has allowed her to excel at the D1 level as a freshman. I have no doubt she will dominate the league over the coming years and continue to be a great example of maintaining balance while pursuing your athletic goals.


“Thank you Dave for helping me get through the Crossfit 2017 Open. I’m pretty sure my body would have crumbled if it weren’t for you. BKE is awesome stuff! Thanks so much!” -Nicole N


It’s Good to Be #1

Congratulations to BKE athlete Brooke Siter on using her new hip extension strength in the Kristie Phillips Cup in Charlotte, NC to help stick her landings on floor for the first time, winning the floor event, qualifying for USAG Elite, and being invited to the Olympic training center to work with the national team. Way to go Brooke!

Happy To Help

Happy To Help

These guys have had a rough few months which started on Christmas day when there house burned to the ground while they were out at church, tragically taking their family dog with it. Losing all their material possessions, two rental houses later, cancelled sports and...

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Collecting Gym Equipment Before Shutdown

Collecting Gym Equipment Before Shutdown

Never in my life did I think I would have to hoard gym equipment but that is where we are. Lucky to have scooped up the last set up number plates and some other basics for home gyms at Gym source the shutdown. Installing pull-up bars and building squat racks out of...

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Elderberry Syrup to Boost Immunity

Elderberry Syrup to Boost Immunity

Elderberry syrup is an excellent natural and cost effective immune booster. Full of vitamin A and other nutrients to protect you from viruses and bacteria. Here is how to make it at home:1. Purchase a bag of dried elderberries from amazon or a health food store.2. Put...

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Happy to help out Saint Johns Lacrosse guys today at NYC’s top sports performance center. Good luck tomorrow!

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Looking forward to seeing Luke Weiland of West-point get his NCAA ranking of #10 157lb wrestler in the nation back this weekend after 7 weeks missed due to a knee injury. Let’s go Luke!

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One of the many components of BKE Integration is visceral balancing. The organs and surrounding fascia can become out of alignment, develop scar tissue and become too “tight” thereby affecting function of the organs and your overall health. Issues with the organs can...

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Big shout out to BKE athlete Jon Dugenio for an insane start to his college lacrosse career at Saint Johns Lacrosse

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