It’s Good to Be #1

Congratulations to BKE athlete Brooke Siter on using her new hip extension strength in the Kristie Phillips Cup in Charlotte, NC to help stick her landings on floor for the first time, winning the floor event, qualifying for USAG Elite, and being invited to the Olympic training center to work with the national team. Way to go Brooke!

Sometimes the difference between gold and a participation medal is a mere inch. In Brooke’s case, floor was her most challenging event as she always came up a little short in her landings. She needed just a little more power to get a little more height. With a BKE assessment, I was able to figure out that her hip extension wasn’t working for some reason, which would greatly impact the force she could generate in jumping. After trying many different methods, I figured out the root of the problem was with the E in BKE, Energy. The meridian line that the glutes are on was not flowing. After years of therapists trying traditional methods such as stretching the opposing muscles and “glute activation”, it took me only a few minutes of BKE Integration to fix. BKE is all about finding the right key which fits the lock. All the years of hard work in the gym were able to potentialize.

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