Adversity is a part of the game. Challenges always seem to come at the worst time. How will you respond to it when it happens to you?

It came upon BKE athlete Sarah Price five weeks before senior year soccer camp when she tore ligaments in her ankle. The doctor wanted her to keep a boot on it and have no therapy for three weeks. Dave said take that boot off and let’s get you playing! Three weeks later she was running. At five weeks she showed up ready at the first day of camp. Then in the season opener she scored two goals while playing defense and won the Patriot League Player of the Week! That is the way to overcome adversity!

“Dave, THANK YOU a billion!!!! I truly can not thank you enough for everything you did for me this summer. I really don’t even think I would have a chance at senior season if it wasn’t for you, your amazing knowledge, and your unmatched skill at what you do. You have been such a blessing” – Sarah Price