When an athlete walks on to the field or court wearing kinesiotape, people take notice. It looks like they have just had some special, cutting edge therapy. But does it really work?

From my experience, it usually doesn’t do much and there are typically more effective methods of fixing the injury. For example, this track athlete had been experiencing posterior knee pain for several weeks. Her chiropractor kinesiotaped the knee in order to “support” it. However, the pain persisted.
I assessed her with BKE Integration and determined that she strained the short head of the bicep femoris. This muscle was shut off, along with her gracilis and opposite side obliques. (Swipe left). I got these muscles reactivated and did soft tissue therapy on the hamstring and she finally started feeling better.
No amount of kinesio tape would have turned these muscles on or released tension in the muscle. But it looked cool. 😎 lol
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