Most athletes excel at getting from point A to point B, getting the job done, winning at all costs. However, most of them are also doing so at the expense of their structural health and despite having inefficient movement. Eventually, repetitive stress catches up with them, their system gives out, a serious injury occurs, and their best days are behind them.
This does not have to happen if the athlete is cared for properly, scientifically, and intelligently. At Athlete Engineering, we offer the most thorough and advanced structural assessment available today. Every athlete is evaluated for bio-mechanical movement efficiency as well as structural alignment prior to beginning a training program.
During this assessment, your BKE specialist will test to see if your bones are resting in their proper position. Misalignments in structure will cause repetitive stress on your tissues and joints over time if they are not realigned.
With all this information, we are able to determine if you will be prone to injuries and if so which body parts are at elevated risk. A corrective therapy program is then designed and incorporated into your strength and conditioning program to fix these issues. Also, we will be able to spot dysfunctions which are holding you back from reaching your athletic potential. Correcting these dysfunctions will allow you to move with more efficiency, speed, and power. In other words, you will be able to reach your athletic potential while remaining injury free.