1. Doesn’t stop transmission

2. Doesn’t stop infection

3. Not FDA approved

4. No liability for manufacturers

5. Not a vaccine – is a gene modification drug

6. No longer term safety studies 

7. No true saline placebo studies 

8. Animal Studies were skipped

9. Not throughly tested on pregnant women, elderly, immunocompromised, children 

10. Length of protection unknown – many experts think that it will not last past a year at the longest 

11. Unknown effectiveness against variants

12. Antibodies don’t offer as broad an immune response as antibodies to actual virus

13. Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), pathogenic priming, original antigenic sin…different terms which basically mean the same thing – having the antibodies caused by the vaccine may leave people more vulnerable when they come in contact with the actual virus. 

14. Serious concerns about sterility, miscarriages 

15. Contains PEG which is suspected of leading to autoimmune issues

16. Some ingredients are kept secret

17. Does not give antibodies to the actual virus, only to one of the proteins on the surface of the virus 

18. Only even claims to reduce symptoms 

19. Claims to be 95% effective. However, the real absolute numbers are 0.36%. This is after throwing out 1000’s of people from the study for unknown reasons, so the real numbers are unknown.

20. Causes spike protein to be formed and enter the blood. Normally, the virus, and therefore spike protein, doesn’t make it to the blood, but rather remains in the mucous of the nose and throat. Only in a severe case would it make it to the blood, in which case it’s presence would warrant a strong reaction of the immune system. An over reaction can easily lead to blood clots.

21. If you have the natural antibodies from prior exposure to the virus, you are 2-3 times more likely to experience adverse events from the vaccine.

22. Currently, the rate of reporting adverse events to VAERS is approximately 10,000 times any other existing vaccine. 

Why not just take vitamin D!?!?