Physical Therapy vs BKE Integration

After a traumatic ankle break, this NJ state trooper almost lost her foot. After a successful operation and several months of physical therapy, her range of motion plateaued. BKE came through and finished the job. Squatting never felt so good!

If you go to an average physical therapy session, you may get a few minutes of personal attention, followed by electric stim (which usually doesn’t work), and then an unsupervised exercise program with bands and other gadgets (which usually does nothing). The problem is that physical therapy protocols are dictated by what insurance will pay for, not by what the patient actually needs to get better.

At Athlete Engineering, we use BKE Integration to give the athlete exactly what they need at that time on every level – biological, structural, kinetic, and energetic. It is a compete and holistic system which delivers undisputable results.

Note: there are some excellent physical therapists out there but they don’t participate in the factory-like physical therapy shops of today. They study different fields outside of physical therapy to develop a more holistic approach. And they definitely don’t treat based on what insurance pays.

BKE practitioners are not “physical therapists” – it is a different system entirely. But they are what physical therapy should have been – a holistic system not influenced by marketing, finance, or fads, for the sole purpose of helping people get better.