Kids and Concussions

Unfortunately, concussions amongst kids in athletics is on the rise today and the injury can have devastating long term effects if not dealt with properly. The usual advice – rest, no stimulation, avoid bright light, no electronics, fish oils and some other nutrients – is good. However, we have found that the following BKE approaches greatly increase the rate of recovery.
1. Cervical Alignment. Often during the impact which caused the injury, the cervical spine gets jammed out of alignment. The brain cord runs down through the spine and if it is being pinched right at the base, this will cause a tremendous strain on the brain and drastically slow down healing.
2. Cranial Alignment. Also during impact, often the bones of the cranium slightly move out of alignment. There are 14 major bones in the head and they need to be aligned and have some mobility in order remove any additional pressure on the brain.
3. Meridian Balancing. In eastern medicine acupuncture theory, there are 14 pathways of energy that run throughout your body. Each meridian is associated with a different muscle, organ, vertebrae, and other acupuncture points. It is kind of like the unseen intelligence that controls your nervous system. When there is stress in the nervous system, it can throw this meridian system off, kind of like blowing a fuse. We use BKE to rebalance the meridians and allow the nervous system to restore itself. Often after a balancing session, the person will need to fall asleep. This is the nervous system shutting down in order to reboot itself, similar to a computer loading a new program.
4. Nutrition Optimization. There are certain nutrients that will be needed in higher than normal amounts to heal the brain, such as magnesium and fats. However, we use BKE to determine exactly which nutrients are needed at that time for optimal healing. A holistic approach is needed as the nervous system extends throughout the entire body.
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