Check out how @iron_fit_rd ‘s left shoulder strength improved in one session by realigning her BioKinetic Energy field.
What causes a “weakness” in a limb?
A muscle contracts when the nervous system tells it to. If the nervous system does not deliver a good message, the muscle will not contract forcefully. The flow of the nervous system can be dampened from chemical inefficiencies, structural misalignments, and a disempowered consciousness.
A BKE assessment on this athlete revealed the following issues:
Structural: • Pelvis tilted downward to the right • Right temporal bone rotated anterior
Muscle Activation: (swipe left to see) • Bilateral oblique • Bilateral quadratus lumborum • Lumbar rotation to the left • Thoracic rotation to the left • Cranial – right temporal bone anteversion (forward rotation)
I used the BKE techniques of cranial realignment, spinal realignment, and meridian balancing to reactivated all the muscles and the pelvis then realigned itself.
As you can see in the before/ after overhead press video, the bar moves faster and her left shoulder is much stronger after the session.
Eat * Move * Think
Bio * Kinetic * Energy
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